March Is MILF Month

Sexy MILF Layla

Ms. Layla is a Sexy MILF

Obviously you know that a sexy woman is a turn on but how about a mature sexy woman?  What do you think she can teach you?  My upcoming post on the 5 reasons sex with a MILF is the best will fill you on . . . → Read More: March Is MILF Month

February in the Kink Classroom

I’m so glad that this February is leap year!  It gave us an extra day of Giantess and CFNM fun!

Giantess Layla 877-496-0255

Giantess Layla

There’s nothing I enjoy more than finding a tiny man to play with!  When Ms. Delia and I got together to share him it was a hot Giantess . . . → Read More: February in the Kink Classroom

February Kink Classroom Lessons

Kink Classroom had a wild time in February! Multiple lesson topics brought new students to the classroom, and Ms. Layla and I just had so much fun exploring the topics in the classroom! This month we have many to spotlight for their kinky participation in the Enchantrix Empire study hall, and have some naughty . . . → Read More: February Kink Classroom Lessons

CFNM Humiliation

CFNM Humiliation with Ms. Delia

What is it about CFNM play that is so humiliating for you?  Is it just the thought of being naked and exposed before me, your Mistress and Goddess?  Could it be the fact that I can completely control you to the point where you will be exposed – . . . → Read More: CFNM Humiliation

CFNM Dominance in a Dress

CFNM Dominance in a Dress

I have a CFNM wish, dominance in a dress with me controlling all of you, getting you naked in front of me, your Mistress. I stand before you in my red dress, commanding in your CFNM fantasy. I am the Clothed Female and you the naked male.

I’ll be . . . → Read More: CFNM Dominance in a Dress

CFNM Video

CFNM Video is HOT!


I really enjoy CFNM. I love it in the mainstream as well! When I have seen it in a movie, I have always gotten just a bit excited, depending on the company, of course. The movie clip that you will see is from a movie I never did get . . . → Read More: CFNM Video

CFNM In The Enchantrix Empire

In our social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, the CFNM topic has been getting a lot of attention!  Here are a few of the topics under discussion:

What about this fantasy does it for you? What aspect turns you on the most and what about it takes you beyond the “point of no return”.

. . . → Read More: CFNM In The Enchantrix Empire

How To Know If You Love CFNM

Quick, what do you think of when you envision yourself naked in front of a room full of beautiful women? Do you want to run and hide? Search for the nearest fig leaf? Or, do you start to feel a tingle and tug in your nether regions?  If its a tingle you feel then . . . → Read More: How To Know If You Love CFNM

Giantess Fun at Kink Classroom

Giantess Layla Will Play With You

We’ve had 2 weeks of Giantess fun at the Kink Classroom.  Over on our social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, the discussion has been quite revealing!  It seems that quite a few people who never thought they were Giantess fantasy lovers have discovered how much they do like . . . → Read More: Giantess Fun at Kink Classroom

Learning to Love The Giantess Fantasy

We’ve had so much fun this month introducing the Giantess and Shrinking fantasies to members of our social network site Enchantrix Empire.  If you aren’t a member why wait, join today!

The Kink Classroom group posted great questions about your Giantess fantasies.  We asked what is you favorite part of a Giantess’ body to . . . → Read More: Learning to Love The Giantess Fantasy