Self Bondage Basics

 Self Bondage Basics

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I love it when a man can tie himself into self-bondage! There is something about becoming willingly helpless and vulnerable that is so very sexy to me. Self-bondage is meant to be done alone, but can be enjoyed by one or many women via web cam . . . → Read More: Self Bondage Basics

A Shibari Body Harness

Shibari Bondage Harness

Shibari Body Harness

Shibari is the Japanese art of rope bondage.  I like the way the rope frames parts of you – like your nipples and your cock and balls.  It’s also a way to engage in some semi-public humiliation play, because you can put a rope harness on yourself . . . → Read More: A Shibari Body Harness

Tying You Up

Bondage Keeps You Under Complete Control

There’s nothing we like better than keeping you under complete and total control.  We can use ropes, handcuffs, zip ties, plastic wrap, so many different options.  We can even use nothing at all, just your mind and your desire to please your Mistress!

Ms. Layla Like Psychological Bondage . . . → Read More: Tying You Up

In Evil Ms. Delia’s Lair

Have you ever fantasized about being in evil Ms. Delia’s Lair? Sometimes, I do indeed feel so deliciously evil – like eeeevvvillll!!! – that I feel like a super villainess from some comic book.  I even dress the part – a skin-tight leather cat suit, long, black leather glove, my thigh high stiletto-heeled boots.

. . . → Read More: In Evil Ms. Delia’s Lair

Tied Up Sissy



Please leave a comment here to let Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla know what you think of this cartoon! Would you like to be our tied up sissy?



Kidnapped By a Sexy Mistress

Caged for Mistress

Ever fantasize about being kidnapped by a sexy Mistress? I love a good kidnapping fantasy.  I love planning it out – where am I going to take you from?  Off the street, from the parking garage when you’re leaving work, from your own home?  Maybe I’ll bring along one of . . . → Read More: Kidnapped By a Sexy Mistress

Sexual Interrogation

With Sexual Interrogation We Have Ways Of Making You Talk

It’s so easy to make you talk, to make you spill all your nasty, dirty little secrets.  Ms. Layla and Ms. Delia can each do it in our own unique style.  You should know that, right up front, we already know all the answers to . . . → Read More: Sexual Interrogation