A Spanked Sissy

Ms. Delia's Naughty Sissy

Come in here, let Mistress see you.  Why don’t you take those clothes off? Oh my, what a nice pink, lacy bra and panty set! Why don’t you leave those on, my pretty little sissy.  Sashay over here and sit on My lap and tell me what a naughty  little sissy you’ve been. Tell Mistress how you need to be punished.

Over My knee

That’s it, lay yourself over my knee.  Can you feel me rubbing your ass through the satin of your panties?  Feel me pulling the  strip of pretty fabric into you, exposing the cheeks of your ass.  Your pale white ass.  Well, it won’t be that way for long.  Soon, it will be a nice shade of pink to match those panties.

Spankng Anticipation

I pick my hand up from your ass, and there’s a slight catch in your breath and I can feel your ass cheeks clenching as you anticipate the first blow – SMACK! – and a gasp from you as the heat of that first spank hits you.  A few seconds pause, and then I hit the other cheek.  I keep this up, slowly turning your skin a nice shade of pink and warming your ass, as you moan and squirm over my knee.  The perfect punishment for a pink-pantied sissy!

7 comments to A Spanked Sissy

  • kneel

    MS DELIA, i see that i must change my attitude and quite trying so hard to be good, if this is YOUR reward for misbehaving, or better yet, maybe i should just make up something terrible that i wished i did, to tell you when YOU call me over to sit on YOUR lap. (That way i could get another spanking for lying.) LOL

  • subBrett

    I would love to be over a mistress’ knee, to be spanked and punished however she deems appropriate. I’ve never dressed like a woman, but would definitely do it to please Mistress.

  • kneel

    Thank YOU MISTRESS DELIA, may i please have another??? (Especially over YOUR gorgeous thighs!)

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