Ms. Delia

Sexy Submissive Journeys

Nice to meet you. Have a seat. I am your kinky and erotic teacher, Mistress Delia! Welcome to class. I am a Lifestyle Mistress, but balance that with a rich vanilla life. You may find that I bring that balance into my teaching style in kink classroom. When I give lessons and assignments, I expect them to be done with purpose, thereby helping you to grow sexually.

My Kinky and Erotic Teaching Style

My philosophy about my “students” is a balanced one. I live kink, and enjoy it as much as I can. Helping you to learn you kink, and accept your sexual desires and needs brings me so much pleasure simply because I do that too.
What you Will Learn in Kink Classroom
Let’s discuss what I love to teach:

  • I will help you accept and embrace your kink. We all have fetishes and turn-ons. Tell me yours!
  • I love to teach about stroking, and on many days orgasm denial to increase orgasmic intensity. Denial has an amazing purpose
  • I will school you in the ways to be more feminized. I let my pretty sissies stay right up front.
  • I will teach you how to enjoy anal play safely and effectively, especially if you are a good student.
  • I will help you to understand physical and emotional pain and the role both can play to enhance your sexuality.

    Mistress Delia

    Mistress Delia

Mistress Delia Teaches With Style

I will bet you are wondering about your teacher. How can you find me? That’s easy!!

  • Email me at:
  • Add me on Skype for sensuous sessions: empressdelia
  • Or say hello on Yahoo Messenger: empress.delia