Ms. Layla

Ms. Layla Your Sensuous Guide

I am absolutely passionate about opening up people’s minds by sharing myself, my knowledge and my spirituality.  I use yoga and tantra in a lot of my phone sessions because I believe that having an open heart and an open mind allows you to experience pleasure in a deeper and richer way. I am also a Reiki Master and will often bring my understanding of the body and they way energy works to our calls.

Mistress Layla

Mistress Layla

Connecting with people is something I love. I promise to always seek new and exciting ways to keep our connection fresh and exciting.  That’s why I so enjoy talking to you. Because I believe our conversations are about more than sex. It’s about developing a relationship with someone who knows your deepest desires.

You are unique and your kink is unique to you. Your pleasure comes from a place all your own and I want to hear all about it! I promise to bring an open and creative mind and a passionate soul to every experience we share. You will be more than aroused and I will use that arousal to establish and maintain my control.

I am a naturally sensuous Mistress who enjoys nothing more than erotic exploration.  Through our shared exploration we both learn and grow.  You can learn all about me by listening to my Mistress Interview.

With each call, I promise to be the best Mistress for your needs.  Visit our pre-call questionnaire page and introduce yourself.  Connecting before a call is a great way to make sure we both know what to look forward to!


Mistress Layla

Yahoo IM: EnchantrixLayla