Before You Call

Mistresses Delia and Layla want your time with us to be special, erotic, intimate and meaningful.  We love to connect before our call, it means we get to spend more time with you and find out exactly what we can do to make every moment of our session amazing.  Copy and paste your answers into an e-mail to us.  We can’t receive attachments until we’ve given you permission, don’t worry dear, its not often we say no!

Mistress Delia’s e-mail –
Mistress Layla’s e-mail –

  1. We explore so many kinks in the Kink Classroom  what topic brings you here?
    1. Feminization
    2. Cuckolding
    3. Other (Please list)


  1. What style of teaching are you most comfortable with?
    1. Sensual
    2. Strict
    3. A bit of both


  1. Are you a novice, beginner or expert in your favorite kink,
    1. Novice I really want to learn.
    2. Intermediate, but want to learn more.
    3. Expert. Please challenge me!


  1. Tell us about yourself and your fantasy.
    1. Are there words or images that really arouse you?
    2. Is there anything that’s totally off limits?
    3. Your Orgasm
      1. Do you want one at the end
      2. Do you want us to tease you and then grant one
      3. Leave it up to us
      4. Complete denial


  1. How do we contact you?
    1. E-mail address
    2. Yahoo Name
    3. Skype Name


  1. Are you comfortable on cam for us?


  1. Anything else you want us to know?