Foot Fetishism

This week on The Weekly Hot Spot. Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Delia explored foot fetishes and foot fetishism!


Foot Fetish

Ms Marilyn says: I happen to have fairly talented feet- I’d always been good at picking things up with my toes, and realized that my toes are quite good at pinching a . . . → Read More: Foot Fetishism

Kiss My Toes!!!

Adoring My Feet Turns Me On So Much

Sucking Ms. Layla's Toes

I have written about how turned on having a foot slave makes me. How my ex turned me on by paying complete and total attention to my feet. He provided me with a very sexy and relaxing foot massage, but really, . . . → Read More: Kiss My Toes!!!

A Pedicure Story

Kneel at my feet

Ms. Layla's Sexy Feet

Oh, my little submissive pet, why don’t you kneel at my feet.  Do you see how much work they need?  It’s almost summer, and I really want to start wearing my sexy sandals, but they really need a pedicure.  Would you like to help me . . . → Read More: A Pedicure Story

Foot and Leg Fetish Survey

Here at Kink Classroom, we love to give special assignments to our students! For the first time we will be giving a survey! This is a very exciting addition to Kink Classroom.

You will click the link below.

There are 4 questions. This is completely anonymous . . . → Read More: Foot and Leg Fetish Survey