Erotic Cuckolding

Cuckolding By LupoPL

Ms. Layla’s Views On Cuckolding

Cuckolding can be about so many things. It can be humiliating – you have a small cock and you just can’t satisfy me. It can be about chastity – just because you can’t cum, doesn’t mean I can’t! Or it can just be another aspect . . . → Read More: Erotic Cuckolding

Body Adoration and Tantra

Finding Polarity

Ms. Layla Tantric Polarity

Do you know what polarity is?  In Tantra, it’s the transfer of energy between two areas of the body.  Most often, when we talk about it, it’s a transfer of energy between the genitals.  The analogy is pretty straightforward, the penis is the positive pole and the . . . → Read More: Body Adoration and Tantra

Enjoying BDSM with Tantra Massage

Tantric Love Making

Tantra in BDSM

Learning tantra from Ms. Layla has been an amazing journey for this Hardcore Mistress! What I just experienced was one of my most enjoyable Tantric Sex sessions.  jack had come home, and we had an entire evening to spend just exploring our bodies and sensations and feelings . . . → Read More: Enjoying BDSM with Tantra Massage

Mapping Your Lover’s Body

Know Your Lover's Body

A Map To Pleasure

Your body adoration sessions with a Mistress can be like exploring an undiscovered country. On Phone Sex Meditation, I have talked a lot about freeing yourself from your mind, and just allowing yourself to experience your body. By just experiencing the now, you can also . . . → Read More: Mapping Your Lover’s Body

Nipple Adoration

Nipple Adoration for Ms. Delia

I LOVE nipples

My fellow Pain Mistress, Ms. Sloane, wrote all about nipples a couple of weeks ago.  And like her, I like nipples, but I LOVE my own nipples.  They’re so sensitive and responsive, and I love to have them worshiped and adored.  Do it right, and . . . → Read More: Nipple Adoration

Body Massage Story

We like to try out our techniques

Ms. Delia and I write about a lot of BDSM techniques here in The Kink Classroom. Before we instruct you however, we like to try them out. For the hardcore stuff, Ms. Delia usually tries them out on Jack first, and I usually “experiment” on my submissives. . . . → Read More: Body Massage Story

Sissy Prom Primping

It’s a special night!

The LDW Enchantrix Prom is Saturday night, and we want you all to be ready.  Most sissy girls head out to a spa and get the full treatment – manicure and pedicure, get their hair done, maybe some waxing and a facial.  Well, why pay for it, when your teachers . . . → Read More: Sissy Prom Primping

A Bottom Adores A Bottom

A Beautiful Derriere

Ms. Layla's Lovely Bottom

The butt. The bottom. The derriere. Whatever you call it, it’s my beautiful, lovely, sexy ass. And you want to adore it, to give it the proper attention that it deserves. It’s so naughty, isn’t it? Paying homage to me by kissing my ass. That phrase, . . . → Read More: A Bottom Adores A Bottom

Non-Sexual Body Worship

Just adore my body

The Female Body is Art to be Adored

Over on Beg For Mistress, I’ve written about a very sexual body adoration scene – and Jack and I play that one out ALL the time.  Sometimes though, I just want you to adore my body, to relax me and make . . . → Read More: Non-Sexual Body Worship