Impact Play with a Giantess

Spanking from your Giantess!

So little man, you’ve come here to play with Giantess Layla?  Don’t you feel small there as I tower above you.  Let me reach down here and pinch your neck between my thumb and pointer finger and pick you up.  Look into my eye my little pet, I’ve got . . . → Read More: Impact Play with a Giantess

February in the Kink Classroom

I’m so glad that this February is leap year!  It gave us an extra day of Giantess and CFNM fun!

Giantess Layla 877-496-0255

Giantess Layla

There’s nothing I enjoy more than finding a tiny man to play with!  When Ms. Delia and I got together to share him it was a hot Giantess . . . → Read More: February in the Kink Classroom

February Kink Classroom Lessons

Kink Classroom had a wild time in February! Multiple lesson topics brought new students to the classroom, and Ms. Layla and I just had so much fun exploring the topics in the classroom! This month we have many to spotlight for their kinky participation in the Enchantrix Empire study hall, and have some naughty . . . → Read More: February Kink Classroom Lessons

Why I Love To Shrink Men

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a big powerful man shrink.  Especially if he isn’t expecting it!  Imagine, he’s sitting there imagining a night of passion and pleasure with me when I encourage him to have one more tiny sip of his drink.  Oh my!  What’s happening?  His whole world is about to change!

. . . → Read More: Why I Love To Shrink Men

Two Giantess Share A Little Man

Haven’t you always wanted to have two Giant Women play with you?  Pass you back and forth to their heart’s desire?  The other day Giantess Delia and I were playing on Giantess Island when we spied a tiny man trying to sneak past us!  Scooping him up we lay down in the grass and . . . → Read More: Two Giantess Share A Little Man

Giantess Story Contest

Do you have a hot Giantess fantasy that you want to share?  We’re having a contest over on our social network site Enchantrix Empire.  Write a sexy short story about you and a Giant woman.  How do you keep her happy and satisfied?  What happens when she plays with you?  Where do you hide . . . → Read More: Giantess Story Contest

How To Keep A Giantess Satisfied

You want your Giantess to be happy and satisfied don’t you?  Of course you do!  You want to do your best to worship her body and please your Mistress! I love being a giant woman with the power to play with a teen tiny man and make him do anything I want.

Keeping Your . . . → Read More: How To Keep A Giantess Satisfied