Tantra – Phone Sex Meditation

Tantric Mistress Layla 800-259-3938

Tantric Sex can be incredible. Even a hardcore Mistress like me has listened to the sensual Ms. Layla, and even I have incorporated some tantric play into my own BDSM fun. I really have noticed an amazing and sexy difference.

Her Beginner’s guide to Tantric Sex is a great . . . → Read More: Tantra – Phone Sex Meditation

Visualize Your Orgasm

Se on kokonaan suomenkielinen, asiakaspalvelu toimii suomeksi ja jopa mobiili casino on suomennettu.

The Joy of Peaking

Before you run you must learn to walk, that’s what peaking is all about!  Riding those waves of pleasure in your

Layla Your Masturbation Mistress

body, learning your limits, how you step back from the edge and prolong the experience.  We know that you all know what edging is. That’s where I make . . . → Read More: The Joy of Peaking

Breathing to Intensify Masturbation and Orgasm

Do you hold your breath when you orgasm? If so, you are missing out. Breathing differently for an orgasm can increase, lengthen the time of, and intensify it. Oxygen helps to make orgasms stronger, but that’s not all you need to know. When you are all tensed up and holding your breath, you are . . . → Read More: Breathing to Intensify Masturbation and Orgasm