The Foot Job

Such a foot slut

You are so excited after that pedicure, aren’t you?  You keeling there at my feet, cock hard and twitching with need.  All of that just from touching and massaging my feet?  You really are a foot slut.  Would you like a teasing little foot job?

Foot Job Anyone?

Teasing . . . → Read More: The Foot Job

Ms. Layla’s MILF School of Stroking

I overheard a few young guys talking at a party the other night.  They were all complaining that they were bored with their stroking sessions.  Did my ears perk up!  Sitting down next to them I smiled and said “continue, please.  I think I can help!”  They all looked quite sheepish and started stammering.  . . . → Read More: Ms. Layla’s MILF School of Stroking

Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Kink Classroom has had an amazing first month.  All of our kinky students had an entire month of guided masturbation practice from three teachers. Some students needed more help, and some flew through the kink curriculum with honors. Read on the see who our kinkiest students were, then . . . → Read More: Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Intense Masturbation Lessons

Masturbation used to be a simple act before you were introduced to the masturbation lessons of orgasmic breathing, Kegel exercises, and relaxation to lengthen your orgasm.

Lessons to Intensify your Orgasms

Masturbation  Assignment

This week, you will masturbate every day listening to the masturbation encouragement audio podcast at the end of this post. . . . → Read More: Intense Masturbation Lessons

Stroking To The Head Of The Class

Last week you learned how to perform Cock Shiatsu from the base to the tip. This week’s lesson is all about the head. Your frenulum is also known as the Gates of Consciousness in Cock Reflexology. I want you to learn how to enjoy this super sensitive spot.  You all perked up your ears . . . → Read More: Stroking To The Head Of The Class

Cock Shiatsu

Masturbatrix Layla 800-356-6196

Who doesn’t love getting a massage? Firm hands stroking up and down long muscles as your body melts into relaxed pleasure….ahhhh. Doesn’t your cock deserve the same attention? In today’s class you’re going to learn all about Cock Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure.” Who would think . . . → Read More: Cock Shiatsu