Sex Toy Review

Our sex toy review show is one of the fun shows where we give you the down and dirty details about sex toys, why we like them, the benefits of sex toy use, and then we help you to find the right toy to fit your needs. This week we have 4 categories: . . . → Read More: Sex Toy Review

Humiliation & Service Sex Toy

Marilyn Sex Toy Review  I recommend this:  SOOOOO Fucking HOT!!!

For this week’s Sex Toy review, Ms Delia has found us the ultimate humiliation sex toy from the “How May I Help You” Gag!

Humiliation Gag

*This toy is exactly what it sounds like- a sexy and innovative gag . . . → Read More: Humiliation & Service Sex Toy

Cuckolding Sex Toy

Cuckolding is a fetish with so much diversity. There are so many kinks that go together with cuckolding like peanut butter and jelly, or like Mistresses and their stiletto heels 😉 Ms. Marilyn’s  Sex Toy Review this week  is featuring the Perfect Fit Real Boy kit from and this toy is sure . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Sex Toy

What is Small Penis Humiliation?

Do You Have A Small Penis?

If you’ve got a small penis, then you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? Or maybe you’ve seen the term “SPH” and been curious? Well my dear, let Mistress Layla introduce you to the wonderful world of small penis humiliation.

SPH is so much more . . . → Read More: What is Small Penis Humiliation?