The Joy of Peaking

Before you run you must learn to walk, that’s what peaking is all about!  Riding those waves of pleasure in your

Layla Your Masturbation Mistress

body, learning your limits, how you step back from the edge and prolong the experience.  We know that you all know what edging is. That’s where I make . . . → Read More: The Joy of Peaking

The Benefits of Masturbation

We all love to masturbate right?  I mean it should be the national pastime!  Did you ever stop to think about the good you are doing for your body, I mean besides the incredible orgasm at the end.  You haven’t?  Well let me tell you….

Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbatrix Layla

Masturbation is an . . . → Read More: The Benefits of Masturbation

Intense Masturbation Lessons

Masturbation used to be a simple act before you were introduced to the masturbation lessons of orgasmic breathing, Kegel exercises, and relaxation to lengthen your orgasm.

Lessons to Intensify your Orgasms

Masturbation  Assignment

This week, you will masturbate every day listening to the masturbation encouragement audio podcast at the end of this post. . . . → Read More: Intense Masturbation Lessons