Prostate Massage for Stroking

Prostate Massage while Stroking

Delia Your Masturbation Mistress

You do know what the “G”-spot is, correct? It’s the area of spongy tissue just inside that will drive women wild if properly stimulated, given then harder, stronger, sometimes wetter!, and longer orgasms. Do you know that you have a similar area. It’s inside where . . . → Read More: Prostate Massage for Stroking

Ms. Delia’s MILF School of Stroking

What do we have here – 3 stroker boys

Controlled Stroking Lessons by Ms. Delia

Why, Ms. Layla, what is this that you’ve bought home?  3 stroker boys.  Look at how hard and dripping their cocks are.  I see that you have already given them their first lesson, the lesson from the sensual . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s MILF School of Stroking

How Edging Intensifies Pleasure

This week is all about edging and orgasm control. Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla want you all to practice your masturbation technique, but there will be nary a release amongst you until Saturday, when maybe, just maybe if you tune in to the Sensuous Eavesdropper Cock Radio Show, we may just allow you to . . . → Read More: How Edging Intensifies Pleasure

May is Masturbation Month

Sexy MILF Layla Teaches Masturbation

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year! We love May.

Why do Ms. Layla and I love the month of May? Well, because it’s Masturbation Month, of course! The rest of you wait for Halloween, or Christmas, or your birthdays, but for those of us who are . . . → Read More: May is Masturbation Month

Sex Lessons From a MILF

Sexy MILF Delia

“I think you’re trying to seduce me, Mrs R…, I mean Ms. Delia.”  While not quite the key line from The Graduate, sex lessons from a MILF can be the ultimate in seduction. While Mrs. Robinson was simply looking for a quick snog from Dustin Hoffman, your MILFs expect a lot . . . → Read More: Sex Lessons From a MILF

Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Kink Classroom has had an amazing first month.  All of our kinky students had an entire month of guided masturbation practice from three teachers. Some students needed more help, and some flew through the kink curriculum with honors. Read on the see who our kinkiest students were, then . . . → Read More: Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Intense Masturbation Lessons

Masturbation used to be a simple act before you were introduced to the masturbation lessons of orgasmic breathing, Kegel exercises, and relaxation to lengthen your orgasm.

Lessons to Intensify your Orgasms

Masturbation  Assignment

This week, you will masturbate every day listening to the masturbation encouragement audio podcast at the end of this post. . . . → Read More: Intense Masturbation Lessons

Breathing to Intensify Masturbation and Orgasm

Do you hold your breath when you orgasm? If so, you are missing out. Breathing differently for an orgasm can increase, lengthen the time of, and intensify it. Oxygen helps to make orgasms stronger, but that’s not all you need to know. When you are all tensed up and holding your breath, you are . . . → Read More: Breathing to Intensify Masturbation and Orgasm

Improving Orgasm Intensity with Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are something women do, right? In Kink Classroom, no questions are bad, but this one is silly. Men can do Kegel exercises to improve muscle control and strengthen orgasms. I know you must be wondering what they are, what Kegels do, and how to do them. But mostly you simply want to . . . → Read More: Improving Orgasm Intensity with Kegel Exercises

3 Easy Ways to Intensify An Orgasm During Masturbation

Masturbation, when done compulsively and too quickly can lead to a disappointing orgasm. This month in Kink Classroom, you will learn three ways to intensify your orgasms every time you masturbate! For those of you who were able to endure my tease and denial challenge this should be a welcome change. I will allow . . . → Read More: 3 Easy Ways to Intensify An Orgasm During Masturbation