The Connected Cuckold

Your Role As My Cuckold

Cuckold Mistress Layla 800-356-6196

As my cuckold, you are the straw that stirs the drink, the key that opens the lock.  Without you, my lover and I would just have a vanilla relationship – okay, not exactly vanilla, more like a vanilla/chocolate twist sundae! With you however, my . . . → Read More: The Connected Cuckold

June In The Kink Classroom

June comes to a close

This was a great month here in The Kink Classroom. Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla are so pleased that each of you were so attentive to our lessons on body adoration. Every inch of our bodies were adored – from the top of our heads to our pretty sexy . . . → Read More: June In The Kink Classroom

Ms. Delia’s MILF School of Stroking

What do we have here – 3 stroker boys

Controlled Stroking Lessons by Ms. Delia

Why, Ms. Layla, what is this that you’ve bought home?  3 stroker boys.  Look at how hard and dripping their cocks are.  I see that you have already given them their first lesson, the lesson from the sensual . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s MILF School of Stroking

Riding The Edge

Riding the Edge

Edge for Me

You know Ms. Delia loves to tease and deny you right on the edge. Don’t you like riding that edge, that delicious feeling right before you cum? All your muscles tight, and just ready to explode – like the cum from your horny cock! That’s not going . . . → Read More: Riding The Edge

The Joy of Peaking

Before you run you must learn to walk, that’s what peaking is all about!  Riding those waves of pleasure in your

Layla Your Masturbation Mistress

body, learning your limits, how you step back from the edge and prolong the experience.  We know that you all know what edging is. That’s where I make . . . → Read More: The Joy of Peaking

Sissies Need to Masturbate Too!

Need to?

Sissy Masturbation

I don’t know if sissies need to masturbate, but little sissy sluts certainly want to masturbate. They want to stroke those sissy clits until they have their little cummies. Sissies know that nothing comes without a cost, so they’re often willing to endure much tease and denial, and edgings to . . . → Read More: Sissies Need to Masturbate Too!

How To Have A Whole Body Orgasm!

The Energy Orgasm

I know that there is much more to an orgasm besides those wonderful feelings in your cock. If you follow our guided masturbation instruction, you’re going to have a wonderful orgasm – or maybe not. We might decide to deny you, or ruin your orgasm, that’s our choice. If you listen . . . → Read More: How To Have A Whole Body Orgasm!

Sex Lessons From a MILF

Sexy MILF Delia

“I think you’re trying to seduce me, Mrs R…, I mean Ms. Delia.”  While not quite the key line from The Graduate, sex lessons from a MILF can be the ultimate in seduction. While Mrs. Robinson was simply looking for a quick snog from Dustin Hoffman, your MILFs expect a lot . . . → Read More: Sex Lessons From a MILF

MILF Cock Control

Very often a younger man is in dire need of control…..cock control.  I know you think your enthusiasm is appreciated but what a sexy, confidant older woman really looks for is a long, slow and passionate evening.  If you pop your cork early on, no matter how talented you are in other areas, she’s . . . → Read More: MILF Cock Control

3 Easy Ways to Intensify An Orgasm During Masturbation

Masturbation, when done compulsively and too quickly can lead to a disappointing orgasm. This month in Kink Classroom, you will learn three ways to intensify your orgasms every time you masturbate! For those of you who were able to endure my tease and denial challenge this should be a welcome change. I will allow . . . → Read More: 3 Easy Ways to Intensify An Orgasm During Masturbation