BDSM Stereotypes

Embrace Your Kink!

There Isn’t One “Twue” Way

The other day I wrote about “Old Guard” BDSM over on The Pain Mistress.  That’s one of the stereotypes of BDSM.  During my early explorations in the scene and the lifestyle, I found that there were a lot of people who had certain opinions and . . . → Read More: BDSM Stereotypes

Why I Like Fetish Events

Mistress Delia

And Not Just Fetish Parties

Although I like those too!  No, Ms. Delia is talking about weekend long fetish conventions.  If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago over at Beg For Mistress, you know that I recently went to one (and you got a taste of Jack’s first . . . → Read More: Why I Like Fetish Events

Learning About Your Kink

You’re Not Defined By Your Kink

Instead, you should define your kink.  You can be a sissy, a cuckold, a cum-slut, or a stroker, but you shouldn’t allow others to define what those roles are.  Remember how last week I told you to act like sex is normal, and just have fun?  If you . . . → Read More: Learning About Your Kink