Feminization Fun

This week on The Weekly Hot Spot, Ms. Marilyn and Ms Delia had so much fun! Feminization was the topic, and all the buzz! If you missed any little bit of it, head right over to our Weekly Hot Spot Blog and click on the player to hear the podcast! 

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Get Your Kinky On With Phone Sex

Why not get your kinky on with Ms. Layla?

Are you Kinky?

It is an oft forgotten fact that we humans are the only species that enjoy sex for pleasure. Consider the clitoris….oh yes please! Pleasure is its sole purpose, and aren’t we lucky? Or at least we ladies are lucky. I only . . . → Read More: Get Your Kinky On With Phone Sex

BDSM Stereotypes

Embrace Your Kink!

There Isn’t One “Twue” Way

The other day I wrote about “Old Guard” BDSM over on The Pain Mistress.  That’s one of the stereotypes of BDSM.  During my early explorations in the scene and the lifestyle, I found that there were a lot of people who had certain opinions and . . . → Read More: BDSM Stereotypes

3 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

3 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

I have collected some tips to help you boost your sexual confidence. It can take time to feel like you have amazing sexual confidence, and the three tips below can help you increase just that so you feel better in and out of the bedroom!

Sexual Confidence

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The Kink Classroom Is Back In Session!

Kink Classroom asks: Are You Hot For Teacher?

Sensual Mistress Layla

Aren’t you all so happy to be back in class with Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla?  Did you miss us over the long, hot summer? We’re happy to see all your bright shiny faces – oh, and those already hard cocks!  Well, . . . → Read More: The Kink Classroom Is Back In Session!

The Pain Mistresses

Did you know The Pain Mistress solo site has gotten a new look? Oh it is beautiful and devious looking all at the same time, just like the pain mistresses, beautiful and strict!

You must go visit the newly designed site and evaluate the new look.

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Tell Me Your Fantasy

Ms. Layla is so sexy, and she always wants to make your fantasies come true! What is your favorite fantasy? You know that

Sensual Mistress Layla

is what she wants to know. Tell me your fantasy is something always said by the sensual Mistress Layla. In this pondering and sexy post, your fantasies . . . → Read More: Tell Me Your Fantasy

Kink Classroom Weekend assignment

Hardcore Mistress Delia

This weekend in Kink Classroom should have you very busy, so we are giving you from the time of this posting to Sunday night/Monday Morning at 12:00 midnight EDT. Remember that hard work reaps rewards, so make sure you get it all done.

The Assignment

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