Why Ms. Layla loves Cum Eating

I am The Cum Mistress

Sensual Mistress Layla

…and I love cum eaing! I didn’t become the Cum Mistress because I had ambivalent feelings about it.  I am completely fascinated by it.  Why do some men eat their own cum, and others just won’t?  Do they get off on the humiliation of it, . . . → Read More: Why Ms. Layla loves Cum Eating

Tantra – Phone Sex Meditation

Tantric Mistress Layla 800-259-3938

Tantric Sex can be incredible. Even a hardcore Mistress like me has listened to the sensual Ms. Layla, and even I have incorporated some tantric play into my own BDSM fun. I really have noticed an amazing and sexy difference.

Her Beginner’s guide to Tantric Sex is a great . . . → Read More: Tantra – Phone Sex Meditation

Tell Me Your Fantasy

Ms. Layla is so sexy, and she always wants to make your fantasies come true! What is your favorite fantasy? You know that

Sensual Mistress Layla

is what she wants to know. Tell me your fantasy is something always said by the sensual Mistress Layla. In this pondering and sexy post, your fantasies . . . → Read More: Tell Me Your Fantasy

Beg For Mistress

Mistress Delia’s main blog makes you beg for mistress! In this favorite post, Ms. Delia states exactly what she is. What is she?

Hardcore Mistress Delia

Place your guess in comments here on Kink Classroom and let us know what Ms. Delia is!! Also, make sure to head over to that post on . . . → Read More: Beg For Mistress

Kink Classroom Weekend assignment

Hardcore Mistress Delia

This weekend in Kink Classroom should have you very busy, so we are giving you from the time of this posting to Sunday night/Monday Morning at 12:00 midnight EDT. Remember that hard work reaps rewards, so make sure you get it all done.

The Assignment

To get the Kink Classroom . . . → Read More: Kink Classroom Weekend assignment

Kink Classroom Summer School

Sensual Mistress Layla

Kink Classroom says School is out for Summer, but we know our strokers and sissies still need to have homework. Let’s Bring on the Kink Classroom Summer School Scavenger Hunt!

Kink Classroom Sexy Summer School

Throughout the month of August you will visit the various blogs of Ms. Delia and . . . → Read More: Kink Classroom Summer School