Football Inspired Nipple Balls

Balls are great! Some balls are fun to toss, like in football; other balls are fun to massage during an intense stroking session- but the balls we’re going to focus on tonight are the Magnetic Nipple Balls from 😉

Tine into this week’s Hot Spot for an audio about nipple . . . → Read More: Football Inspired Nipple Balls

Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla share a Chastity Slave, Part I

Sharing Chastity

So what would we do if we were to share you?  Do you think you’d actually be able to serve both of us in your chastity?  How have

Suffer For Mistress Delia

you been doing during Anti-Independence Month?  Ms. Layla and I are so very different in our approaches to chastity.

. . . → Read More: Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla share a Chastity Slave, Part I

June In The Kink Classroom

June comes to a close

This was a great month here in The Kink Classroom. Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla are so pleased that each of you were so attentive to our lessons on body adoration. Every inch of our bodies were adored – from the top of our heads to our pretty sexy . . . → Read More: June In The Kink Classroom

How Edging Intensifies Pleasure

This week is all about edging and orgasm control. Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla want you all to practice your masturbation technique, but there will be nary a release amongst you until Saturday, when maybe, just maybe if you tune in to the Sensuous Eavesdropper Cock Radio Show, we may just allow you to . . . → Read More: How Edging Intensifies Pleasure

Impact Play Story Part Four

“It’s time for a caning, my little pain puppy.”  MS, Delia says as she walks back toward him.  She can see his ass checks clench, “Oh, they’ll be none of that now.  Point your toes in.”  She knows that in that position, no slave can clench their ass and avoid the sensations about to . . . → Read More: Impact Play Story Part Four

Sexy MILF/Cougar Videos

Sexy MILF Delia

This is a two for Tuesday. There has been a MILF/Cougar debate, so I leave it to you. Which is hotter, a cougar, a MILF or is there no way to decide?

Cougar Verses MILF

So over the past few weeks, we have debated the rules of the two. Cougars . . . → Read More: Sexy MILF/Cougar Videos

CFNM Dominance in a Dress

CFNM Dominance in a Dress

I have a CFNM wish, dominance in a dress with me controlling all of you, getting you naked in front of me, your Mistress. I stand before you in my red dress, commanding in your CFNM fantasy. I am the Clothed Female and you the naked male.

I’ll be . . . → Read More: CFNM Dominance in a Dress

Giantess Fun at Kink Classroom

Giantess Layla Will Play With You

We’ve had 2 weeks of Giantess fun at the Kink Classroom.  Over on our social networking site, Enchantrix Empire, the discussion has been quite revealing!  It seems that quite a few people who never thought they were Giantess fantasy lovers have discovered how much they do like . . . → Read More: Giantess Fun at Kink Classroom

Learning to Love The Giantess Fantasy

We’ve had so much fun this month introducing the Giantess and Shrinking fantasies to members of our social network site Enchantrix Empire.  If you aren’t a member why wait, join today!

The Kink Classroom group posted great questions about your Giantess fantasies.  We asked what is you favorite part of a Giantess’ body to . . . → Read More: Learning to Love The Giantess Fantasy

Cock Shiatsu

Masturbatrix Layla 800-356-6196

Who doesn’t love getting a massage? Firm hands stroking up and down long muscles as your body melts into relaxed pleasure….ahhhh. Doesn’t your cock deserve the same attention? In today’s class you’re going to learn all about Cock Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure.” Who would think . . . → Read More: Cock Shiatsu