Impact Play Story Part Three

Impact Play Paddles

Impact Play and Flogging begins! Ms. Layla proceeds to stand near the pain slut’s head.  She caresses his face and shows him the cat “Kiss the tails while Ms. Delia uses her cat-o-nine to kiss your ass.”  He begins worshipping the leather, as Ms. Delia Steps behind him and swished her cat through the air experimentally.  He can feel the rush of wind as the tails disturb the air, and they cause goose bumps on the flesh of his back, as Ms. Delia slowly begins walking forward towards him.

Kiss of leather

The whip begins kissing his wanton flesh.  At first, the touches are whisper soft, but as Ms. Delia steps forward, they become harder and more insistent, stinging him as each of the tails land, leavings red stripe.  She works on his back, from below the shoulder blades, along his ass, and to the tops of his thighs, then back up again.  All the while, he is kissing the whip offered to him by Ms. Layla, as she soothingly speaks to him, and tells him to take just a little bit more.  Her hand slides down the front of him, stopping to tweak a nipple, before grabbing his rock hard cock, dripping with precum.

Ready for more Impact

Ms. Delia stops and admires her handiwork.  “Umm, such a warm, red ass”, she observes as she soothingly rubs her hand over it.  He moans when she gives him a bare handed spank on each cheek.  She walks back to the wall, and picks up one last implement.  MS. Layla smiles deviously as she ses it, bends down to the slave’s ear and whispers “Are your ready for your punishment to really begin?”

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