Kiss My Toes!!!

Adoring My Feet Turns Me On So Much

Sucking Ms. Layla's Toes

Sucking Ms. Layla's Toes

I have written about how turned on having a foot slave makes me. How my ex turned me on by paying complete and total attention to my feet. He provided me with a very sexy and relaxing foot massage, but really, the thing that turned me on the most was when he sucked my toes into his mouth and gave them the most wonderful tongue bath!

Do You Have An Oral Fixation?

Ms. Delia wrote about her need for multiple orgasms and her love of a nice pussy worship session. Now, I love oral adoration as much as any other Mistress, but there’s something about having you lying at my feet and sucking my toes that really turns me on. Maybe it’s the thought of you sucking on something bigger and more…phallic…that does that to me. If you’re willing to suck on toes, how much of a stretch is it to having you suck on something else?

Making the Leap

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you know you want to suck on something bigger, longer and harder than my pretty, sexy little toes. I know that deep down inside you want to suck a cock, and this is a great way to make that transition. Show me how much you love to suck things, by giving my toes all the attention they need and deserve. If you are a good boy I think we’ll let you graduate to my strap-on!

5 comments to Kiss My Toes!!!

  • magnus

    You had me at the title, MsLayla. Like you didn’t see that cumming… errr. coming.

    Something else though, too. You mention here that someone who’d love to suck those toes in the picture would want to suck on more than that. That somehow the two are related. I don’t see it that way. There’s this thing called context. While I have a fetish for the sexy feet themselves, a big part of that is that the feet are attached to a woman. As I’m sure you’re aware, there are plastic (or latex or rubber or whatever) fake feet meant to be sold to foot fetishists. I think they’re gross. I have no interest in a disembodied foot. Blech. The feet must be attached to the legs of a woman, hopefully one who would enjoy my adoration of said feet.

    The same thing goes for a woman’s strap-on. Having fantasies about that does not automatically translate into any desire to please a man’s cock. Same reason. What it’s attached to. A woman who has a phallus jutting from her mid-section is still a woman and therein lies all the difference.

    • Layla

      Haha magnus don’t you know I was thinking of you when I wrote the title! Your love of feet is legendary and so much fun. I agree with you, context plays a big part in how much we enjoy our sexuality and experiences. Its so true, its who is attached to our object of desire that elevates it to an erotic place in the first place!

      The same can be said for people who fantasize about sucking a cock. My pretty toes may be a great way for them to see what it feels like. I don’t believe that its a foregone conclusion that anyone who enjoys toes will make the vast leap to sucking a cock! Everyone is different and their enjoyment, passion, pleasure and pain comes from a very personal place. But I hope that we can agree that no matter what turns you on, its all about the person you are sharing it with that makes it meaningful.

  • little1

    I would love to suck on your toes Mistress so long as it brought you pleasure. It is about the woman, my Mistress, not the sucking though I do like to suck on things like your breasts your shoulder, your toes and yes your strapon but I totally agree with magnus the fantasy is in serving the woman, bowing to her control. I have no desire to interact with a man. that would be a turn off.

    • Delia

      I love having my toes sucked and feet pampered.

      It is such a wonderful feeling!

    • Layla

      little1 you are very wise to please your Mistress and Goddess so well! Both you and magnus are so right! Our sexual triggers are personal and subjective! Very rarely is there an equation: If this than that. Often the road is windy with lots of stops along the way. I would not have it any other way!

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