Non-Sexual Body Worship

Just adore my body

Non-Sexual Body Worship

The Female Body is Art to be Adored

Over on Beg For Mistress, I’ve written about a very sexual body adoration scene – and Jack and I play that one out ALL the time.  Sometimes though, I just want you to adore my body, to relax me and make me feel good.  That’s what you’re here for isn’t it?  Making me feel good?

Not entirely non-sexual, we have to have a little fun!

How about some CFNM fun?  Why don’t you get naked for me?  I want to see the effect my adoration is having on you – your stiff nipples, and of course that raging hard-on!  I’ll  turn over on my back, and you can start on my back.  Start with a hand on either side of my spine, and then rub outwards, making your way down my back and then up again.  Pay special attention to where you feel the knots or hard spots, those will need attention.  Rub, squeeze and knead those areas, especially around my neck and shoulders.  You want to loosen all those areas up.

I have a nice ass, don’t I?

I know I do, and you can rub it.  I know you’d like to kiss those beautiful fleshy mounds, wouldn’t you?  Not tonight though, just rub them, and then make your way down to my legs.  My long and shapely legs feel so silky covered in my thigh-highs.  Spend some time on my thighs, but you really need to work my calves.  Standing in my high heels all day really tires them out.  When you’re done with that, you can take those heels off, and make sure you give me a good foot job.  If you’ve done well, and I’m relaxed and feeling good, I might just give you a long, cockteasing denial session!

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  • little1

    Goddess I would very much like to rub you and Mistress down. Worship your bodies with my hands and my eyes making each one of you feel good and relaxed while I get excited and hard with no hope of release. I have been told that I can do a very good job at getting the knots out when I pay attention to my responsibility. What could be more important than making Goddess and Mistress happy.

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