Sex Toy Review

Our sex toy review show is one of the fun shows where we give you the down and dirty details about sex toys, why we like them, the benefits of sex toy use, and then we help you to find the right toy to fit your needs. This week we have 4 categories: Lelo vibrators, CBT Toys, Male Masturbators, and Anal Toys. Links are included with our favorites so you can have a sneak peek!

Sex Toys from Marilyn

Sex Toys from Marilyn

Lelo Vibes

Ms. Marilyn LOVES these and says, “It’s no secret on The Hot Spot that Lelo vibes are my go-to choice for G Spot stimulation. You know it’s important to keep your Mistress pleased, and aside from her stud’s cock, nothing will pleasure her G-Spot like these toys do.” She compared the differences between the Lelo Mona and the Lelo Gigi so you can figure out which toy is more your Mistresses Style!  Both the Mona and the Gigi are silicone, rechargable G-spot vibrators with multiple vibration patterns. Both toys are controlled the same way with the same variety of vibration patterns, but have a totally different look and use to them. Listen to the show for the whole review!

Anal Toys

Ms. Marilyn says, “The prostate is one hell of an erogenous zone, and for all intents and purposes, it IS the male g-spot! From a Woman’s perspective, I can tell you that my clitoral orgasms can be quite intense and make my spine tingle deliciously; but I had no clue what I was missing out on until I had my first g-spot orgasm. Much like the sensation men experience from a prostate milking- this type of orgasm is much more intense. It’s less about surface pleasure, and more about those deep, gorgeous muscular contractions and how the pleasure radiates through your entire body. I’m talking about the kind of orgasm where you cum so hard that you’ll be dehydrated by the time your muscles stop contracting and your legs are too weak for you to stand up for a few minutes after!” Sexy, right??!  She recommends the Aneros SGX  and the Perfect Fit Hump Gear Plug BOTH from Listen to the podcast for all the sexy details.

CBT Toys

Delia's Sex Toys

Delia’s Sex Toys

Ms. Delia LOVES CBT play because the sensations are so hot! It is easy to find inexpensive kink toys to torment those cocks and balls, so she has spotlighted Gripper Clothespins and a Parachute Ball Stretcher. Both of these toys are great for a number of reasons, and add spice to your CBT fun! Are you curious about how to use these toys? Wonder what games you can play with them to heighten the sensations? Listen to the whole podcast for answers to these questions, and a VERY SEXY  clothespin challenge from Ms. Delia!

Male Masturbators and Accessories

Who does not love a Fleshlight? There are many models to help you masturbate, and you can do so in many places. So how about the shower? Wish you had a way to mount that toy to the wall so you can get off and get clean at the same time> Well, now you can! Fleshlight offers an amazing and customizable Shower Mount so you can pop in your Fleshlight and stroke while you soap!! There are some NEED TO KNOW bits about this toy, so be sure to listen to the whole podcast!

Sexual Health with Enchantrix Layla

Enchantrix Layla

Important Hot Spot News!

Do note that for the next 2 weeks, there will be NO Hot Spot Shows! Ms. Marilyn Celebrates a birthday the first week of July, and Ms. Delia celebrates an anniversary the second week. But…we will return hot and heavy with shows 99 and Show 100 to end the month! Our 100th show will bring back Ms. Layla! She has been truly missed, and it will be very hot and sexy to have her back on this show!

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  • I am so excited to be back to The Weekly Hot Spot! I can’t wait to try all the toys you reviewed today…looks like I’ll be busy having sexy fun.

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