Sissies Need to Masturbate Too!

Need to?

Sissy Masturbation

Sissy Masturbation

I don’t know if sissies need to masturbate, but little sissy sluts certainly want to masturbate. They want to stroke those sissy clits until they have their little cummies. Sissies know that nothing comes without a cost, so they’re often willing to endure much tease and denial, and edgings to prove their worthiness…even if they have a little1! (hehe) Of course, all that excitement can lead to…leakage.

Panty protection

Sometimes, I like to have you stroke in your panties. That feeling of the silk sliding over your throbbing hard sissy clit feels so naughty, doesn’t it? However, we know that all that teasing, denial and edging can lead to you producing a lot of pre-cum, and we don’t want that to ruin your panties, or leave a stain, do we? The solution to the problem is easy, and a little sissy shopping trip is in order. Take a trip down to your local pharmacy and purchase a box of panty liners! Think about what a humiliated sissy you will be when you bring your purchase up to the counter, and the cashier looks at you knowing that you’re purchasing them for yourself!

Playing with that sissy clitty

So, now you’re back home. Your little dick may be small, but at least it makes a decent sized clit. Do you have your pocket rocket vibrator? You’re going to get off like a real girl does, so start rubbing that vibrator all over your clit. Edge yourself at least 5 times before you even think about asking for permission to cum, but it would really please me if you held out for as long as you can, before you finally cum. Oh! A squirting orgasm! We girls love those! Make sure you lick all your cum out of those panties before you hand-wash them and put them away.


8 comments to Sissies Need to Masturbate Too!

  • little1

    Hey not funny, little1 isn’t because I have a little one and Im not a sissy. Its because I am little (short)and have to constantly look up to Goddess Delia and Mistress Layla. They know Im not into sissines. I bet they were just trying to get a different kind of rise out of me and I guess, well, they were sucksesful, dam they are so controlling

    • Layla

      little1 you have discovered our evil plan! Getting a rise out of you is soooo easy and we soooo enjoy it! And by the way your word of the day is NO!

  • kneel

    It’s even better when we’re allowed to have our man pussies filled while that pocket rocket vibes our little man clit! Talk about requiring control to make the sensations last.

    • Layla

      kneel control and dedication to your Mistress. Sometimes control isn’t enough, sometimes its the fact that you are doing it for her that helps you overcome the need to release and last longer.

  • kneel

    MS LAYLA, YOU know me to well, it’s always about giving control to MISTRESS and striving for HER pleasure that intensifies my humble rewards.

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  • Ms Anns steph

    Curtsey Empress Delia, Empress Layla, Ma’am (says very humbly), some sissies may stroke, I am a girl, so I don’t stroke, it’s rubbing for me. I love jilling one out. (With a bit of embarrasement to mention it here), when it’s that time of month, if I’m out of pads or tampons, I go to the store and take them to the check out counter. I did do this not long ago, the lady who checked me out said “you’re so thoughtful” I smiled and said “thank you” I keep panty liners in my purse cause a girl just has to be prepared. I do keep my pocket rocket next to my bed…

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