Spanking with Toys

Domme Depot for Ms. Delia

Spanking with toys is so Hot!

All of my stroker boys have been in a home improvement store, right? You know the names – one of them rhymes with “ho’s”, the other one could easily be called Domme Depot! Any home improvement store, whether it’s the one of the national chains or just the local Mom and Pop Hardware store can be a great place to find impact play toys.

If you’re handy – I said handy, not able to give yourself a “handy” slut – you can always get a slab of wood and make a paddle out of it. You can make a traditional fraternity paddle – Thank you, Ms Delia! May I have another! – or do make something more whimsical. Like a nice hand spanking? How about making a paddle in the shape of a hand? How about heading over to the rope aisle. You can make a nice soft flogger from rope.

The health and beauty aisle

Take a walk down the health a beauty aisle in your local department or dollar store. How about using a hairbrush for nice traditional spanking? For a change of pace, use the brush side. Bonus play toy: Grab a toothbrush. They can be wonderful for Cock and Ball torture!

The Tack Shop

Do you have a local tack shop around? Make a visit there. Of course, you can go in for pony play – but that isn’t this month’s topic! Instead, try to control yourself, and keep to the crops and buggy whips!

4 comments to Spanking with Toys

  • kneel

    MS DELIA, thanks for all the great gift ideas! Please forgive my insolence for wanting to add a few more of my favorite vanilla places to YOUR stellar list. i beg YOUR indulgence and seek YOUR thoughts on another HO store, the Office supply “Hos”: rulers; yardsticks; and rubber bands (for those nice little stinging impacts). Another is the leather section of the craft/hobby store where belt blanks and other hide sections can be purchased and shaped into all of those patterns YOU suggested for wood (for those crafty sorts) and then dyed to match YOUR outfit.

    • Layla

      kneel what awesome suggestions for home made toy sources! A leather belt can be made into so many different designs with a few additions it would make a lovely spanking toy. And of course dying to match my outfit is something you’d think of, you do think of everything don’t you!

      I do love the thought of those thick rubber bands leaving little red marks all over your body. I could write my initials!

  • wellspanked

    I can’t walk down a beauty isle, through a kitchen store, or past a bath and body works without eyeing the potential spanking implements. I’ve even had the pleasure of being with my wife when the same thought has hit us at the same time. We both stop, pause for moments, then glance sidesways at eachother as we can’t contain our grins. That usually is followed by a little blush, and a laugh.

    As for making my own, I’ve made a variety of paddles, some of them featured in my profile picture on ee. My favorite is a hairbrush sized one that is rounded on one side like the back of a spoon and flat on the other like a hairbrush. 2 feelings in one paddle. I’ve made several and given them away as gifts. A few of the LDW mistresses may even have one in their impact arsenals. 🙂

    • Layla

      wellspanked I love that story! I can just see you and your wife stopping to look at an everyday object and the picture in your minds is so erotic! What a lovely shared moment you guys have. I just bet you have fun things to talk about on the way home and even more fun later!

      I’ve seen a few of your homemade toys and your imagination is awesome. Some people like spanking but you really LIKE spanking! The thought you put into your toys is reflected in how good they feel and how well they get the job done! I wonder who those lucky LDW mistresses are!

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