Mindful Masturbation

Enchantrix Layla

Being mindful enables us to be flexible and receptive and is a skill that can be developed by consciously and intentionally directing our thoughts and actions.  Mindful masturbation lets you direct your erotic intentions and expand your experiences and pleasure.  Over time, masturbation can become habitual and almost disembodied.  These exercises . . . → Read More: Mindful Masturbation

Tantra – Phone Sex Meditation

Tantric Mistress Layla 800-259-3938

Tantric Sex can be incredible. Even a hardcore Mistress like me has listened to the sensual Ms. Layla, and even I have incorporated some tantric play into my own BDSM fun. I really have noticed an amazing and sexy difference.

Her Beginner’s guide to Tantric Sex is a great . . . → Read More: Tantra – Phone Sex Meditation

The Foot Job

Such a foot slut

You are so excited after that pedicure, aren’t you?  You keeling there at my feet, cock hard and twitching with need.  All of that just from touching and massaging my feet?  You really are a foot slut.  Would you like a teasing little foot job?

Foot Job Anyone?

Teasing . . . → Read More: The Foot Job

Ms. Delia’s MILF School of Stroking

What do we have here – 3 stroker boys

Controlled Stroking Lessons by Ms. Delia

Why, Ms. Layla, what is this that you’ve bought home?  3 stroker boys.  Look at how hard and dripping their cocks are.  I see that you have already given them their first lesson, the lesson from the sensual . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s MILF School of Stroking

May is Masturbation Month

Sexy MILF Layla Teaches Masturbation

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year! We love May.

Why do Ms. Layla and I love the month of May? Well, because it’s Masturbation Month, of course! The rest of you wait for Halloween, or Christmas, or your birthdays, but for those of us who are . . . → Read More: May is Masturbation Month

Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Kink Classroom has had an amazing first month.  All of our kinky students had an entire month of guided masturbation practice from three teachers. Some students needed more help, and some flew through the kink curriculum with honors. Read on the see who our kinkiest students were, then . . . → Read More: Kink Classroom Honors and Preview

Stroking To The Head Of The Class

Last week you learned how to perform Cock Shiatsu from the base to the tip. This week’s lesson is all about the head. Your frenulum is also known as the Gates of Consciousness in Cock Reflexology. I want you to learn how to enjoy this super sensitive spot.  You all perked up your ears . . . → Read More: Stroking To The Head Of The Class

Improving Orgasm Intensity with Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are something women do, right? In Kink Classroom, no questions are bad, but this one is silly. Men can do Kegel exercises to improve muscle control and strengthen orgasms. I know you must be wondering what they are, what Kegels do, and how to do them. But mostly you simply want to . . . → Read More: Improving Orgasm Intensity with Kegel Exercises