June In The Kink Classroom

June comes to a close

This was a great month here in The Kink Classroom. Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla are so pleased that each of you were so attentive to our lessons on body adoration. Every inch of our bodies were adored – from the top of our heads to our pretty sexy . . . → Read More: June In The Kink Classroom

Body Adoration and Tantra

Finding Polarity

Ms. Layla Tantric Polarity

Do you know what polarity is?  In Tantra, it’s the transfer of energy between two areas of the body.  Most often, when we talk about it, it’s a transfer of energy between the genitals.  The analogy is pretty straightforward, the penis is the positive pole and the . . . → Read More: Body Adoration and Tantra

Mapping Your Lover’s Body

Know Your Lover's Body

A Map To Pleasure

Your body adoration sessions with a Mistress can be like exploring an undiscovered country. On Phone Sex Meditation, I have talked a lot about freeing yourself from your mind, and just allowing yourself to experience your body. By just experiencing the now, you can also . . . → Read More: Mapping Your Lover’s Body

Kiss My Toes!!!

Adoring My Feet Turns Me On So Much

Sucking Ms. Layla's Toes

I have written about how turned on having a foot slave makes me. How my ex turned me on by paying complete and total attention to my feet. He provided me with a very sexy and relaxing foot massage, but really, . . . → Read More: Kiss My Toes!!!

Body Massage Story

We like to try out our techniques

Ms. Delia and I write about a lot of BDSM techniques here in The Kink Classroom. Before we instruct you however, we like to try them out. For the hardcore stuff, Ms. Delia usually tries them out on Jack first, and I usually “experiment” on my submissives. . . . → Read More: Body Massage Story

A Bottom Adores A Bottom

A Beautiful Derriere

Ms. Layla's Lovely Bottom

The butt. The bottom. The derriere. Whatever you call it, it’s my beautiful, lovely, sexy ass. And you want to adore it, to give it the proper attention that it deserves. It’s so naughty, isn’t it? Paying homage to me by kissing my ass. That phrase, . . . → Read More: A Bottom Adores A Bottom

Ms. Layla’s Sexy Legs

Adoring Ms. Layla’s Legs

I have these sexy, long slender legs that just beg for attention, and you are oh so willing to give them that attention

Layla's Sexy Legs

aren’t you?  Sometimes I like to give you a little more….  You like my bare legs, but the feeling of a pair of . . . → Read More: Ms. Layla’s Sexy Legs

Sexy Feet Need Sexy Pedicures

How Do You Adore My Feet

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to break out my sexy open-toed heels and sandals.  However, I need to get those toes all pretty and taken care of, so that they set my little foot sluts’ hearts all aflutter. I’m going . . . → Read More: Sexy Feet Need Sexy Pedicures