2015 Kinky Resolutions

Healthy Mistress Layla

Happy 2015!  I’ve been away from this blog for a bit but I’m back now and ready for some kinky fun.

Do you have a resolution to enjoy 2015 a bit more than 2014?  What does that mean to you?  Be more fit?  Explore your boundaries a bit more?  Take . . . → Read More: 2015 Kinky Resolutions

Get Your Kinky On With Phone Sex

Why not get your kinky on with Ms. Layla?

Are you Kinky?

It is an oft forgotten fact that we humans are the only species that enjoy sex for pleasure. Consider the clitoris….oh yes please! Pleasure is its sole purpose, and aren’t we lucky? Or at least we ladies are lucky. I only . . . → Read More: Get Your Kinky On With Phone Sex

Training Your Sexual Brain

Healthy Sex Starts Upstairs

The old adage “sex happens between the ears” is so true!  We may be a visual lot but what our minds do with that visual is what really counts.

Get Sexually Healthy With Mistress Layla

How often do you find yourself derailed by your thoughts.  Everything’s great, you are . . . → Read More: Training Your Sexual Brain

3 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

3 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

I have collected some tips to help you boost your sexual confidence. It can take time to feel like you have amazing sexual confidence, and the three tips below can help you increase just that so you feel better in and out of the bedroom!

Sexual Confidence

. . . → Read More: 3 Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence