Impact Play – Vanilla with a Kinky Twist

Taking the spanking lessons to heart

So, as all you hot and horny students know, last week Ms. Delia gave me quite the lesson on impact play.   It was all in good fun, and I got to practice on a very experienced submissive who gave me all kinds of feedback.  Imagine my surprise though, . . . → Read More: Impact Play – Vanilla with a Kinky Twist

Teaching Ms. Layla Impact Play

Impact Play Paddles for Ms. Layla

Ms. Layla gots a Masters Class in Impact Play this week! One of the things they always tell you in school is that you never stop learning.  Nothing could be more true here at The Kink Classroom.  While our slutty and horny students are always learning, and . . . → Read More: Teaching Ms. Layla Impact Play

Impact Play Story Part Three

Impact Play Paddles

Impact Play and Flogging begins! Ms. Layla proceeds to stand near the pain slut’s head.  She caresses his face and shows him the cat “Kiss the tails while Ms. Delia uses her cat-o-nine to kiss your ass.”  He begins worshipping the leather, as Ms. Delia Steps behind him and swished . . . → Read More: Impact Play Story Part Three

A Spanked Sissy

Ms. Delia's Naughty Sissy

Come in here, let Mistress see you.  Why don’t you take those clothes off? Oh my, what a nice pink, lacy bra and panty set! Why don’t you leave those on, my pretty little sissy.  Sashay over here and sit on My lap and tell me what a naughty  little sissy you’ve been. . . . → Read More: A Spanked Sissy

Impact Play with a Giantess

Spanking from your Giantess!

So little man, you’ve come here to play with Giantess Layla?  Don’t you feel small there as I tower above you.  Let me reach down here and pinch your neck between my thumb and pointer finger and pick you up.  Look into my eye my little pet, I’ve got . . . → Read More: Impact Play with a Giantess

Impact Play Story Part Two

An exhibition unfolds with Ms. Layla doing energy work, and Ms. Delia selects the main play space. They lead the pain slut out to the main arena.  They secure him to the St. Andrew’s Cross, his back against the smooth lacquered wood, his excitement obvious to all who have gathered.  “Oh my, Layla,” Ms Delia purrs, “he’s all . . . → Read More: Impact Play Story Part Two

Spanking with Toys

Domme Depot for Ms. Delia

Spanking with toys is so Hot!

All of my stroker boys have been in a home improvement store, right? You know the names – one of them rhymes with “ho’s”, the other one could easily be called Domme Depot! Any home improvement store, whether it’s the one of . . . → Read More: Spanking with Toys

Sensual Impact Play

Sensual Spanking, Anyone?

Can impact play be sensual? I know all my pets are asking, Ms. Layla how can you make something violent, like impact play, sensual? Well, don’t you think something like spanking can be caring and nurturing? I’ll bet that many of my subs from ‘across the pond” in Merry Olde England would . . . → Read More: Sensual Impact Play

Spanking Quote

Kinky Spanking!

Many vanilla people are surprised to learn that S/M includes erotic spanks, scratches, and bites, which are amazingly common forms of erotic expression. They are also surprised to find out that S/M practitioners can fall in love, and that they enjoy conventional sex acts such as oral sex and intercourse.

~ . . . → Read More: Spanking Quote

Impact Play Story Part One

Ms. Delia and Ms. Layla stroll in through the doors of the club and all eyes turn to them.  They survey the scene scoping out their prey.  Who will be their victim tonight?  Will it be the young, nervous submissive who quickly averts his eyes as their eyes bore into him?  What about that . . . → Read More: Impact Play Story Part One