A Pedicure Story

Kneel at my feet

Ms. Layla's Sexy Feet

Oh, my little submissive pet, why don’t you kneel at my feet.  Do you see how much work they need?  It’s almost summer, and I really want to start wearing my sexy sandals, but they really need a pedicure.  Would you like to help me . . . → Read More: A Pedicure Story

Foot and Leg Fetish Survey

Here at Kink Classroom, we love to give special assignments to our students! For the first time we will be giving a survey! This is a very exciting addition to Kink Classroom.

You will click the link below.

There are 4 questions. This is completely anonymous . . . → Read More: Foot and Leg Fetish Survey

The Foot Job

Such a foot slut

You are so excited after that pedicure, aren’t you?  You keeling there at my feet, cock hard and twitching with need.  All of that just from touching and massaging my feet?  You really are a foot slut.  Would you like a teasing little foot job?

Foot Job Anyone?

Teasing . . . → Read More: The Foot Job

Sexy Feet Need Sexy Pedicures

How Do You Adore My Feet

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is getting warmer, and it’s time to break out my sexy open-toed heels and sandals.  However, I need to get those toes all pretty and taken care of, so that they set my little foot sluts’ hearts all aflutter. I’m going . . . → Read More: Sexy Feet Need Sexy Pedicures